fees & Joining Information

Your Mission Valley YMCA membership includes full access to:

  • Mission Valley YMCA (Friars Road)
  • Toby Wells YMCA
  • Copley-Price Family YMCA

We offer several different types of membership.

See below for current rates.

Our Joiner's Fee is used to provide major repairs and equipment replacement. This fee is payable when you join, in addition to your first month's dues.

Memberships that have expired or been canceled for more than 30 days are subject to repayment of the Joiner's Fee to renew membership. Joiner's fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Bank Draft Membership. Upon joining, payment of the first month's dues is required. With your authorization, an automatic monthly withdrawal will begin the following month of membership from either your checking or credit card account. This is an ongoing deduction that remains in effect until canceled in writing at least 10 days prior to your draft date. Payment of fees must be kept current, or membership will be subject to cancellation.

Membership categories & Fees

Your membership is valid at all Mission Valley YMCA locations

Adult (age 26-64)
Dual Adult* (two adults only)
Family I* (one adult & children 25 & under)
Family II* (two adults & children 25 & under)$50
Senior (age 65+)
Teen/Young Adult (age 13-25)
Military (active, reserve, guard & retired)
Must present ID
20% off full rate of any category
No joining fee
* Must reside in same household. Proof of residency required at registration
You must present photo ID when joining
Membership assistance is available

YMCA Membership Plus

Join One; Join 'Em All!

When you join the Mission Valley YMCA, you have access Mission Valley (Friars Road), Toby Wells YMCA and Copley-Price YMCA.

But if that's not enough for you, you can join them all through the Membership Plus! program. Maybe you live in one area of the county and work in another, or just like a bit of a variety in your Y's.

Adult Plus (age 26-64)
Family I Plus (one adult & children 17 & under)
Family II (two adults & children 17 & under)$50
Senior (age 65+)
Teen/Young Adult (ages 13-25)$25


Contact US

Mission Valley YMCA (Friars Road): 619-298-3576
Toby Wells YMCA:
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