Youth (6-13 yrs)

Polliwog: Ages 6 - 13 years

This is a beginning swim class for students who are not confident in the deep water. Students will become more comfortable with putting their faces in the water. They will also learn proper kicks and arm motions, floating on
their backs. See links to sessions below.

Prerequisite: Age appropriate
Ratio: 1:6

Guppy: Ages 6 - 13 years

Designed for the intermediate beginner, this class is held in the deep water. Guppies need to be able to swim with their faces in the water and float comfortably on their backs. Students will be introduced to backstroke and
rotary breathing. The ability to tread water for one minute is required. See links to sessions below.

Prerequisite: Polliwog
Ratio: 1:6

Minnow: Ages 6 - 13 years

Minnows must be able to swim front crawl with rotary breathing and tread water for 2 minutes. They will need to be ready to swim 4-6 laps without stopping. Students are also introduced to breaststroke. See links to sessions below.

Prerequisite: Guppy
Ratio: 1:8

Fish: Ages 6 - 13 years

Swimmers must have a good front crawl, backstroke, diving skills, breast stroke and be ready to learn dolphin kick. They must also be able to tread water for 2 minutes and swim 6-12 laps without stopping. See links to sessions below.

Prerequisite: Minnow
Ratio: 1:8

You may register online if you are a member or have participated in programs at the facility. You may register in person, or via mail or fax by filling out the youth programs registration form. To speak to the Program Coordinator call 858-496-9622.